Are you Worried about Getting Blacklisted? – Email Verify Online

Every year, marketers are under intense pressure to hit the steep numbers and with time running like flowing sand, a plethora of marketers, shift their focus to illegal methods of list acquisition. To gain momentum during the closing days, marketers focus on blasting thousands of messages in a single click. As a result, the email open rates can plummet from the 40s to 10%. Sending blast messages will block the IP address of the company, and the messages are caught in the spam filter. An array of marketers faces this issue because they can go to any extent to hit the required numbers. However, email deliverability is more difficult than you think. With spam filters becoming increasingly stringent, email verify online will come to your rescue. If you craft stupid and wasteful messages, customers can even bash your emails publicly on social media. Therefore, focus on the following steps to avoid getting blacklisted.

Are you Worried about Getting Blacklisted? – Email Verify Online

1) Create targeted messages

Instead of creating one-size fit all messages, channelize your energy around the interest of the customers. Focus on building a buyer persona, which includes everything from their interest, age, demographics and purchase history. You will find a plethora of personal details, which will come handy when creating marketing campaigns and acquiring new customers. Today, the digital customers require instant gratification, therefore, send content which resonates with the target audience. Also, when building your marketing list, adhere to list validation rules and clean the marketing list using email verify online to reach the potential customers.

2)  Focus on testing the marketing campaigns

What’s the use of sending messages to thousands of cold subscribers when only a few will resonate with your brand? Instead, why not send messages to a few customers (like a pilot project). If you send messages to some people, it will result in high bounce rate, and your marketing messages will never reach the intended target audience. Sending fewer emails will not alert the IPs, and it will help you prevent customers from leaving the marketing campaign. Always remember that more is not always necessary for marketing because it will not deliver the required open rates.

3) Clean the marketing list

Getting good results regarding high open rate and click-through rate doesn’t mean you get overconfident because of the success. And, with every mail server having a different quality check, it becomes crucial to scrub the marketing list using email verify online to reach the target audience. Furthermore, the leading way to stay connected with the target audience is delivering content that fits the customer requirement. Today, when customers prefer email as a means of communication, it becomes imperative to clean the email list to remove customers who want are not interested in your brand.

Instead of targeting the wrong audience, take the time to create customer-focused messages to win the trust of the audience. Always remember that sending cold emails isn’t a real solution because it will do more harm than good.