8 Truths about Email— Part II

In the last part you read about 4 truths of email, which every marketer should know in order to run a successful email marketing campaign. Insights and analytics prove a fact and it helps you grow as a marketer and ensure customer engagement is maintained at all levels. And, today email is growing and with it the use of email validation is tremendously growing, ensuring that only genuine customers are a part of the marketing campaign. Genuine and interested customers generate revenue and attracts more customers to the marketing campaign. Therefore, one of the major truth about email is integrating email address verification  to ensure a campaign free from spam complaints and hard bounces. Read on ahead to explore some other interesting truths about this very successful marketing tool.

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5. Email really works over other marketing tools

Email undoubtedly is the most powerful marketing tool and permission based mailing never leads to spam complaints. The spam complaints can further be reduced by using verify email in the marketing campaign.  The marketing tool is extremely cost effective and can be easily measured. According to a research, marketers who use email marketing has a loyal base of customers over marketers who use other forms of marketing. Email is growing bigger each passing day, you need to leverage its effectiveness in the marketing campaign.

6. Clean and hygienic list generates revenue

If proper lead generation tactics are used to acquire the customers, the mailing list will always remain sparkling clean. Additionally, the bounce rates will be less and the open rates will be high, thereby giving you a chance to connect with a large audience base. The list can be cleaned using list cleaning software such as verify email. A cleaned list is directly proportional to the   number of loyal and happy customers, you have managed to acquire through the marketing campaign.

7. Scheduling in email matters

According to a study, a majority of the email open occurs within few hours of deliverability, which makes it even more essential to schedule the email at the right time of the day. Sending emails when during the night time will not serve any purpose as the customers would have slept and the messages would become stale for the next day.

8. Click-through rates are stable

Click through rates changes drastically for e-commerce and online services. For other sectors the rate remains fairly stable.