8 Truths about Email— Part I

Email marketing today is being used widely by a plethora of marketers because of its effectiveness and ease of use. Connecting with customers has become simple and marketers are able to create an authentic mailing list free of inactive and dormant email addresses. The following truths will help you weed out the facts and improve the next marketing campaign.

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1. Email Validation is essential

Cleaning the list on a regular basis is important as it decreases the bounce rates and increases the deliverability. Inspecting the list and using email address verification has proved successful for marketers who regularly implements verify email. With email validation, you connect with only genuine and interested customers and all the other customers are sidelined, thereby increases sales and generating revenue. Therefore, ensure to clean the mailing on a regular basis and scrub all the unwanted email addresses.

2. A majority of the Emails are Never Opened

According to a research, financial sector and public sector witnesses a higher open rate than the industries. This is because of the highly transactional nature of the emails being triggered. Therefore, if you do not belong to these two industries, sending relevant content and cleaning the mailing list will help you achieve a higher open rate. Focus on personalization and you will definitely achieve success. Send emails which customers enjoy. A properly formatted and drafted newsletter will surely catch the attention of the potential customers.

3. Triggered emails generate high engagement

Triggered emails are highly personalized emails and usually sent immediately after a customer has engaged with the business. Such emails often perform better than the usual newsletters triggered to the customers. You will be surprised to know than more than 50% of the triggered emails are opened by the customers. If you are not sending triggered emails to the customers, you are probably missing out on a lot of opportunity of generating revenue.

4. First impression is the last impression

Subject line creates your first impression in the minds of the customers. Therefore, a succinct and to the point subject line will enhance the marketing campaign. A subject line between 4 to 15 characters will enjoy a higher open rate.