7 Ways to Nurture your Email List for Sales Growth

The upcoming blog might sound like a broken record because time and again we have stressed on the importance of nurturing your email list.

Growing your email list is the lifeline and backbone of your email marketing campaign. Honing a successful email marketing strategy results in high dividends and fosters the sales growth, ensuring loyal customers.

However, the key of cultivating a strong email list is by keeping the recipients engaged with your brand.  Simply, increasing the lead count is fruitless, unless you’re incapable of converting the prospects to long-term customers.

Regularly cleaning the mailing list using email verifier is an easy way to maintain a hygienic email list. However, if you’re still struggling to nurture your email list, here are 7 useful tactics to get you going.

Creating a welcome series

Believe it or not! Your subscriber’s first impression is their last and forever impression. Take your new customers on a journey by creating a welcome series message that tells your customer who you are and what your brand is about. Such welcome series, help in drawing the attention of the customer into the culture of the brand.

Based on your niche and industry, focus on sharing your story with the prospects, give them a free training course or advise them. Build each post based on the previous one and get creative with your writing. When you share your personal experience with the customers, it improves the open rate and sets an awesome business tone for your brand. Always remember that the goal of your business is not to tell the recipients about your brand. The goal is to convince the subscribers that signing up was the right decision for your brand.

Focus on sending monthly newsletters

Monthly newsletters are awesome content pieces that help in building the brand value and keeps the customers engaged. Brand that sends consistent newsletters to the recipients on the same day each month, increases the expectations of the customers. This converts to higher open and click-through rate because your customers wait to hear from your brand.  However, crafting your monthly newsletter is not cakewalk. You need to focus on using compelling and colorful designs that capture the attention of the readers instantly. Furthermore, to add a human feeling to your newsletter, highlight your team members in the newsletter.

Don’t be a salesman

One of the easiest ways to urge the customers to hit the unsubscribe button is by being overly sales-y. Though the ultimate marketing goal is to turn the subscribers into paying customers, constantly sending sales oriented message forces the customer to into hibernation resulting either in inactivity or un-subscription. In both the cases, you will have to clean the email list using any email list cleaning software to remove the inactive readers from your list.

Nurturing your email list is not as easy as you might think it to be. If you follow the customer centric approach, your business is likely to prosper, otherwise, you will have to face tough times ahead.

Segment the list

Sending de-cluttered focused content to the recipients is a challenge because understanding the requirements of an individual customers is impossible. However, with segmentation, you deepen your relationship the customers and they’re excited about receiving your content. If your email content is incapable of speaking to the heart of the customer, your marketing efforts are failing.  Therefore, focus on segmenting the email list based on the gender, past purchases, age, career, buyer persona, demographics and subscriber content.

Pay attention to details

The ultimate goal is to create content that resonates with the target audience. When an email or a message resonates with the customers, they stop doing what they’re doing and focus on what caught their attention. As a marketer, you should figure out the topics that captures the attention of the target audience. Focus on sending more such content to build trust and increase the email metrics.

Also, irrespective of how much attention you pay to the customer, some recipients are bound to unsubscribe. Understand that you cannot make everyone happy. Never focus or waste your time on what is not working. Focus on what is working and provide the same to the target audience.

Share blog posts

Long-form blogs are useful in increasing the SEO and enhancing the number of shares on social media platforms. However, you cannot share long-form blogs with the email subscribers. Therefore, create miniature blog posts for email subscribers to enhance the readability of the email. This in fact is a great way of increasing organic traffic to your website and providing value to the recipients.  Furthermore, short blog posts take less time to read and fills the content gap when your brand is literally out of content to share.

Add value every time

Do you like people who are friendly when they need you, but turn away when you need them? You call such people as ‘selfish’. Similarly, making your email selfish by sending irregular and meaningless messages will result in customers leaving the email list. You need to interact with the audience and add value to their lives on a daily basis. Whatever you share should come with a purpose and should add value. Therefore, tailor your content and spin it to make it beneficial for the readers.

Before sharing anything, ask yourself, how your customer will benefit from the information. Simply sending messages for the sake of sending will attract negative publicity and force the recipients to hit the unsubscribe button.

Building, maintaining and nurturing the email list is an indispensable part of a successful email marketing campaign. The way you turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal fans, decides the future of your marketing efforts.

Apart from nurturing the list, you need to pay utmost attention to cleaning the marketing list using email address verification to remove the inactive and dormant customers from making way.

Always focus on maintaining consistency and relevancy in email marketing to transform your list in a gold mine.