7 Simple Ways to Grow Your Subscriber in Less than 5 minutes – Email Checker

Marketers and bloggers live and die in pursuit of increasing their email addresses. In email marketing, the money lies in the email list. Google and you will come across hundreds of methods to grow the database. But, what will you do if you’re running short of time? Or what will happen, if you’re not technologically smart and savvy? Without wasting time and waiting for the landing pages to become lead magnets, you can grow the marketing list within 5 minutes. However, for a long-term result, remember to clean the subscriber list using email checker to win the trust of the subscribers.

7 Simple Ways to Grow Your Subscriber in less than 5 minutes – Email Checker

1) Use opt-in link in the Email Signatures

As a marketer, you’re probably sending at least 5 emails a day. But, did you know that each of those send is an opportunity – either an opportunity gained or wasted. When you hyperlink the email signature to the opt-in page, you indirectly offer signing opportunity to every customer who reads your message. You also have a golden opportunity to convert every recipient to a long-term customer.

2) Pin a Tweet to the landing page

A pinned tweet is extra special because it is the first thing a customer sees when they visit your Twitter page. Leave the tweet pined for a long time because it will receive more retweets and replies than the other tweets. You can pin posts with a tweet of a content upgrade or viral articles. Choose the pin after weighing the different options available, just ensure it is linked to something to pique the interest of the recipients.

Whatever method you plan to use to increase the number of subscribers, remember to use email checker.

3) Try a different opt-in button color

Yes! You read it right. The font color of your opt-in button makes a huge difference when it comes to customers. According to a survey, close to 85% of the customers take into the color while purchasing a product. The same holds true even for a sign-up form and opt-in button.

4) Red color is a mirror of urgency, whereas green indicates relaxation

 Different colors can create impact the recipient differently. Therefore, focus on knowing how customers perceive colors and leverage the knowledge to your benefit.

5) Display testimonials

Prominently display the testimonials of the customers on your website.It tells the visitors about your brand and builds credibility. Customers share their email address with brands who have past experience and is capable of providing value for money. Therefore, ask for testimonials and display it on the website to gain more email subscribers.

6) Eliminate potential distractions

How many CTAs are you using at the end of every blog? How many choices are you giving to the customers? If you’re bombarding the customers with too many options, how can they possibly take a single action? If you want to enhance the ROI, and email subscription rate, you need cut-down the clutter.

7) Never ask for too much information

In your sign-up form, do you ask for the name in addition to the email address? If the answer is yes, do you really need the name to send emails to the recipients? According to research, the more information you seek, the fewer customers will subscribe to your campaign

Use these six tips to grow your list within 5 minutes, but remember to verify the list using email checker.