6 Ways to Grow your Email List in 2017 – Part I

With 2017 less than a month away, email marketers are talking about email list building trends that are likely to dominate. Today, undoubtedly social media and mobile applications are making their way, but it has not affected the power and success of an email. With a strong email list, you can easily reach the subscribers. And, small business owners can definitely leverage the advantage of a strong email list to send their message across. However, maintain the email list using verify email to harness the effectiveness of your email campaign. Here are a few methods to consider in the coming year.


Include testimonials

The Millennial generation relies heavily on reviews and testimonials before taking any step. You can request the active and loyal customers to share their journey with your brand. Include it as a testimonial and post it below the landing page or the signup form. Testimonials help in enticing the readers and turns them into long-term potential customers. You can even include the testimonials on your website to let the customers know the countless benefits of joining your newsletter. However, focus on cleaning the list using an email list cleaning software.

Include a link on your business card

As marketers, you need to find unique and different ways to entice the target audience. One such way is including the link of your signup form on the back of your business card. When you interact with customers and attend different seminars, you can share the business card with the target audience. People who find your products worthwhile are likely to keep your business card safely for future references. These cards become an additional source for generation of authentic email addresses.

Start an online community

This tactic is useful for B2C businesses because you provide an online forum where the customers can voice their opinions. Hear the grievances of the customers and share important information using the online community. However, provide access to people who share their email address. You can even create a Facebook group to attract the target audience.

Nevertheless, use email address validation to reach genuine customers.