6 Lead Nurturing Campaign you should follow

Lead nurturing is a tool, which will be beneficial for your marketing as well as the customer service team. With lead nurturing you can easily build a customer list which will remain loyal forever. The whole process of lead nurturing will start from the initial branding of the product to the customers and will continue until a purchase is made and the customer is retained. It also helps in creating repeat customer, which is beneficial for any email marketing business. Lead nurturing is all about enhancing the marketing campaign and ensure customers are engaged. Moreover, with email validation will give you the required wings as it will clean the mailing list ensuring only genuine customers stay in the campaign.


1. The welcome campaign

Welcome emails are the one which usually receive the highest open rates and deliverability rates. These mails are customer centric and sent to the first time customers in the mailing list. Therefore, you need to ensure that such customers are treated in a different and special way from the already existing customers. You can use a drip campaign to familiarize the customer to the products and introduce them slowly to the company instead of triggering hundreds of emails at a time. Do not start off by sending mails asking them to make a purchase, instead send educational content and gradually convert the newsletters to more sales oriented newsletters.

2. The top of mind campaign

This campaign is especially designed for customers who are not sales oriented and rarely make a purchase from your company. The campaign is designed to provide an out of the box offer to such customers at regular intervals of time, so that your brand or company is not completely forgotten. Reacquiring a customer is more costly than engaging an already existing customer. The goal of this campaign is to increase the action taken by the customers indicating that they are ready for a new purchase. Send a successful case study or an interactive content to ensure the leads are forces for a sales process.

3. Promotional Campaign

A well-timed promotion and discount is needed for further ensuring customer loyalty. You need to ensure that before promotional mails are sent, the mailing list is cleaned and email address validation is done to reduce the hard bounces. Hard bounces during a nurturing campaign are not acceptable as it leads to other marketing issues.