6 Dos for Avoiding Email Spam Filters and Increasing Deliverability —- Part II

In the first part you read about three steps to avoid email spam filters and increase deliverability. A spam filters will help you increase the engagement and keep the deliverability rates high. These statistics are extremely important to ensure customer value and brand value is maintained. The spammers have become extremely sophisticated and the breaching the inbox has become extremely easy. And due to this reason, the algorithms of the ISPs are continuously changing. Therefore, understanding each and every factor which contributes to the deliverability of an email marketing campaign should be known.


1. Bounce rates

Hard bounces are enough to reduce the deliverability and ensure customer engagement is hampered in every possible way. Therefore, you need to understand the difference between a soft bounce and a hard bounce. Any email address causing a hard bounce needs to be removed from the mailing list immediately. You can use email verifier or email address validation to successfully get rid of such unwanted people. Hard bounces occur when the deliverability to a particular email address permanently fails. Understand the acceptable terms and follow it to achieve success in email marketing.

2. Content is the King

Check whether your content is at par with the services you offer or not. Content which is grammatically correct will attract customers and add value to the website. Moreover, coherent and meaningful content will let your ideas flow easily to the customer. The customers will be able to understand clearly your offerings and accordingly make a purchase. The email filters check all the content and the email codes.  A well coded and written newsletter passes the test easily.

3. Domain Configuration

Another important aspect which should be kept in mind to decrease the spam rates is the domain configuration. Check whether the domain you are using is configured for sending emails to the customers or not. The IP warming process will help you successfully send messages to a large audience without the interference from the ISP.

Successful email marketers are those who rely on the deliverability rates and leaves no stone unturned to increase the deliverability rates.