5 Ways to Fail at Email Marketing- Part I

Everyone will agree that email is one of the easiest form marketing in which marketers fail. The problem is persistent because many businesses do not even try and those who try, completely miss the mark. Trying to increase the conversion rate suddenly is not a practical approach as email conversion takes time. Therefore, if you want to succeed in email marketing try NOT to follow the things listed below.


Not asking the email addresses

Many marketers never ask the email addresses of the customers and the reason is unknown.  Customers will not come knocking on your door, begging you to send newsletters and offers. If you don’t set up customer acquisition points, you will never acquire an email address. This is a simple thing to understand, but a plethora of marketers overlook it. Mailing list helps in connecting with customers and make things easier. The more you focus on building a mailing list, the loyal will be your customer base. You need to understand that many people do not hesitate to sign up for the newsletter, if they are receiving benefits. Therefore, you need to tell the readers clearly how they will benefit from sharing their information. Customers expect you to tell the truth, otherwise they will leave the marketing campaign and filter the message as spam. Therefore, it is essential to use email verifier to clean the mailing list. A clean mailing list is the first indication of a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, use email address verification on a regular basis.

Sending irrelevant emails

Presentation is one of the key features of email marketing. Sending cluttered and irrelevant email to the messages will only irk the customers because they will take out their precious time to read the message. Your mailing list may comprise of all genuine customers, you will not be able to convert one lead to sales, unless the content presented is clear. Therefore, avoid sending emails having a lot of images and content as the presentation of the message will be destroyed.

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