5 Ways to Capture Email Addresses

Even a 10-year-old knows the importance of a marketing list. The bigger your list, the higher your chances of reaching the target audience and the better will be your relationship with the readers. Ultimately, the more money you will make. However, growing your list starts with a great lead magnet. Most of your traffic is not signing up for the right purpose. Many of them sign up just to avail one-time benefit and later on filter the messages as spam. As a marketer, focus on list hygiene by cleaning it using verify email.

verify email

1) Give an incentive to buy

One big problem with e-commerce industry is that they find it difficult to generate lead magnets. If a person has never purchased from your brand, they are less likely to trust your brand. Customers will never know whether the experience is good or not. An instant coupon is a great way to reduce friction and give the readers a chance to join your marketing campaign. You can create the instant offer using pop-up as well. Let the readers understand your business and then offer the discount. Whatever method you use to capture email, remember to clean the email list using verify email.

2) Insert an incentive into blog posts

‘Subscribe to the blog post over email’ is an easy method to capture email. If you write engaging and creative content, offer to download the post in another format like pdf or word. People who really want to read the content will willingly share their email address. Focus on using the blog post to churn your leads into long-term customers.

3) Create free offers regularly

Simply offering something during the sign-up process is not appropriate. You need to remember that all kinds of customer visit your site and their requirements are completely different. You are likely to grow your list sooner when you send regular offers to the readers.  The offers can be in the form of a webinar, white paper, an extension of a previously published blog. Once people will opt-in, they will get free and valuable content.

4) Slide a request after a page scroll

One of the easiest ways of capturing the attention of the customers is to slide a request once a subscriber scroll down x% of a page. This method of email capture is extremely lucrative for the target audience. It is gentle, yet eye-catching. Slide in subscribe leads to a much better conversion rate, than any other email capturing method. Whatever method you use to win the trust of the readers, focus on cleaning the marketing list using verify email.

5) Launch a dedicated landing page

Create an optimized landing page for people to subscribe. When creating a landing page focus on offering something appealing to attract the visitors. Design the landing page beautifully and include a social proof to win the trust of the readers. Adorn the landing page with images to attract the attention of the readers.

Clean the mailing list using verify email to reach the inbox of the readers.