5 Ways How Email Address Validation Will Help during the Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the corner and customers are eagerly waiting to spend money on their wish list, which they have created over the past year. The season is one of the busiest and most lucrative times of the year for companies using email marketing as a means of communication. That is why you need to boost email address validation to generate more leads by staying in touch with customers who want to hear from your brand. According to research, 27.3% of the orders were driven by email marketing on Black Friday. Not using email as a promotional tactic and ignoring list cleaning will lead your campaign nowhere.

5 Ways How Email Address Validation Helps during the Holiday Season - email address validation

1) Segment the holiday marketing list

Segment the holiday marketing list to increase and reach the customers during the all-important holiday season. Think about the location where a particular holiday is being celebrated to send emails using powerful words. Focus on cleaning the list on a regular basis to understand the location of the customers. When you regularly clean the list, you understand which customer stays outside U.S, and which customer reside in India. For customers staying in India, send holiday emails during the Diwali festival and for U.S customers focus on sending emails during the Thanksgiving.

2) Avoid the spam folder

Discounts, offers, and sales are exciting for customers. But, it can become overwhelming for the customers because every brand tries to gather their attention. Don’t be shy about making the unsubscribe button more prominent during the holiday season. When customers have to search for the unsubscribe button, they prefer to filter the message as spam. Always remember that unsubscribe is always better than a spam complaint. You can even give the option to the customer opt-out of your holiday email. Furthermore, focus on cleaning the marketing list using email address validation.

3) Test holiday emails

It’s always wise to test the email engagement when sending holiday messages to the customers. If you witness a sharp decrease in the unsubscribe rate or click-through rate, you need to test the holiday emails. Also, when you clean the email list, you know which customers want to hear from you. Based on the results, you can tweak the changes in the marketing campaign. Focus on A/B test to measure the success of the holiday marketing campaign.

4) Don’t build the email list from external sources

Many marketers during the holiday season fall into the trap of building the email list from external sources. Just because you are sending holiday messages, does not give you the liberty to blindly send messages to anyone. Also, never share your email list on different marketing platforms because other marketers might use it.

5) Stay on the nice list of the subscribers

Staying on the nice list of the subscribers is crucial to increase the revenue of the marketing campaign. Keep your list clean using email address validation to keep spam away from the inbox.

According to a survey, the delivery rate is 80% influenced by your reputation with the internet service provider which in turn are influenced by subscriber engagement level.