5 Types of Email You Need to Send your Customers – Email Address Verifier

Off lately, you have been burning the midnight oil to collect email addresses, running list builder and email address verifier to increase the open rate. So, as a marketer is your task over? What is the next step in building an official marketing list? Do you have an idea of what needs to be sent to customers who share their email addresses? If the answer is no, don’t worry, you’re like thousands other email marketers who focus only on list acquisition. Sending and crafting a worthy email is not a cakewalk because unless your messages make sense, the customers will not resonate with your brand. Therefore, focus on sending different types of emails to win the trust of the audience.

5 Types of Email You Need to Send your Customers – Email Address Verifier

Here are a few types of email, which will help you win the trust of the customers.

1) The expectation email

When a customer subscribes for the first time, they don’t know what to expect from your brand because a sign-up form does not provide any detail. Therefore, leverage this opportunity to set an expectation and fulfill them without fail. It’s probably the right time to generate anticipation and create buzz to pique the interest of the subscribers. After triggering the welcome email, focus on crafting a standalone expectation email. Include the frequency, type and day of messaging in the email. Furthermore, request the customers to add your email address to the whitelist to avoid getting filtered as spam. Also, focus on list verification using email address verifier to ensure only genuine leads make way to the database.

2) The helpful email

Initially, understanding the requirement of the target audience is a task because you have no data to support your content. Therefore, if you’re struggling to craft the right email, ask the customers what type of content they want to receive. Asking your customers what challenges they will assist you in creating content which is useful and informative. Also, no one likes a friend who only boasts and talks about themselves, instead of hearing your viewpoints and interests.

3) The testimonial email

Every customer resonates with your brand differently. Some customers will show more attention than other and will follow your brand at a much higher rate than the general public. You can request such customers to become your brand advocates and ask them to leave testimonials in favor of your brand. As you build rapport with the customers, they’re likely to support your brand in all likelihood.

4) The exclusive email

Sending the same content that you share on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms will not serve the purpose. The customers can access the content without sharing their email address. So, why would they share their details? Therefore, you need to send exclusive content to the audience, which is accessible only in their email. You need to treat the customers like a goldmine and make them feel important.

5) The archive email

One problem which every marketer encounter is that after sometime when the content is marinated, the new visitors will never have a chance to look at them. Therefore, you need to bring it right in front of their eyes. Tease one piece of archived content in your email to open more doors for the customer. Therefore, focus on sending these five types of email and scrub the marketing list using email address verifier to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand.