5 List Building Strategies to Increase the Prospect List by 4x

The number of email subscribers is likely to increase to 2.8 million in the next year. Email is growing and growing rapidly. While other marketing strategies are effective, list building strategy is likely to initiate the conversion funnel. Your email list is likely to decay by more than 22.5% every year due to different reasons such as abandonment and change in email addresses. You need to clean the list regularly using email verification software.


Therefore, anyone wishing to reach the target audience should build an email list on a year-round basis.

1) Create new leads from existing contacts

Include a prompt asking the customers to share their email with their friends and family members. You can use a simple text-based link such as ‘Share with friends’ with the customers to encourage your marketing. Additionally, use social sharing buttons and CTAs to increase the reach and build your email list.  As a marketer, turn your customers into your marketing representatives because customers believe the reviews and recommendations of other customers.

2) Email list pop-up forms

When done in the right way, pop-up forms are great at gaining the attention of the readers. However, never use pop-up forms that block your entire page because it will irritate the readers and even Google can penalize your page. For list building purposes, small pop-up boxes are effective. Also, include a catchy line with a powerful CTA, so that people know what they’re signing for.

3) Use social media

Gated offers in Facebook and Twitter campaigns promoting the discount codes or free content are a great way to urge the customers to subscribe to the newsletter. A single sign-up button on your Facebook is likely to build your email list. However, you need to scrub the marketing list using email verification software to turn your customers into long-term prospects.  You can even leverage the power of Pinterest to offer exciting visuals boards to the customers.

4) Acquire subscribes intelligently

Your marketing list is dynamic. The more subscribers you add or lose will drastically impact your marketing statistics. Therefore, you need to intelligently acquire customers by sending relevant content to the target audience. More than 24.8% of your subscribers unwillingly subscribe because of auto-subscription. This can significantly lower the quality of the mailing list. Focus on sending relevant content to the readers with a double opt-in request for customers who want to sign-up for your newsletter.

5) Give something for free

Even in the 21st century, customers simply love receiving anything for free. Either offer discounts to the customers or offer a free content piece. However, whatever you give, should appeal to the target audience. Videos, articles, free webinars are all giveaways, which attract the target audience. And, such a giveaway is helpful when it comes to building an email list rapidly.

Ensure you’re using email verification software on a regular basis. Also, focus on replenishing and building the mailing list to reach the target audience. Look at your email list from a different angle to increase your list by four times.