5 Foolproof Ways of Building an Authentic Email List Using Email Verification

In the digital world dominated by blogs and social media, email is the building blocks for a strong customer relationship. For marketers, it’s impossible to cut through the noise and reach the inbox of the ideal customer. Despite the fact that the internet is loaded with mammoth content, email is one thing that can put your business in the driving seat. You can become the apple in the eyes of your shoppers with an authentic email list. Email is the only marketing platform allowing a direct line of access to the inbox of the customer. However, you need to give priority to email verification to remove inactive and dormant customers. With email, you can quickly turn the customers into brand advocates and connect with their friends and family members.

5 Foolproof Ways of Building an Authentic Email List Using Email Verification

Here are a few ways of reaching the target audience and building an authentic email list.

1) Set up your systems

Before you even think of creating a marketing list, you need to the necessary machinery and infrastructure to store it. In a quest to grow the list, marketers often overlook setting up systems for their email campaign. Setting up your email system is not a rocket science because you only need an email management system and a creative sign-up form for your email list. However, based on your business requirement, focus on creating a sign-up form with minimal fields. Apart from the sign-up form and email management system, you need a list validation software like email verification to keep your efforts from ruining the marketing metrics. Therefore, give priority to the initial infrastructure required to reap benefits in the future.

2) Deliver only value

With growing competition, customers hesitate to share their email addresses with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Unless you offer value or an initial incentive, bringing in new customers will always remain an unfulfilled dream. Offer lead magnets in the form of solutions for problems your customer is encountering. For example, if you are selling anti-virus software, tell the customers about the malicious attacks and the risk they possess to your computer. Teaching something new to the customers and offer something which no other brands has previously offered. Furthermore, you can focus on free coupons and offer exclusive access to content to the readers. The more you focus on your customers, the better it will be for your brand. Delivery only values and see the marketing figures twist.

3) Invite people to join your list

Before you begin roping strangers, get in touch people who already support your brand. Connect with influencers, partners, family members, and friends. You will have to start from somewhere, then why not with people who already know your business.

4) Promote your sign-up form

It’s now time to connect with strangers, and you need to promote your list to a much wider audience. Therefore, put the sign-up form in the email signature, create social media posts encouraging the sign-up form. The more you promote, the number of authentic customers will connect with your brand.

5) List pruning

After building an email list, its time to scrub the marketing list using email verification to remove unwanted subscribers from the list.