5 Cool Ways to Grow and Maintain your Email List

Are you looking to build your subscriber’s list? Most of the business owners find it difficult to get new people on the email list either due to competition or due to inability to tap the customers. Today, customers are hesitant to share their email addresses because a number of brands simply bombard messages. To avoid losing the trust of your subscribers, it’s crucial you focus on list verification using email list validation to reach the inbox of the readers. With email marketing winning the hearts of customers, it’s imperative for brands to start growing their email list as soon as possible to avoid loss in opportunity cost.

5 Cool Ways to Grow and Maintain your Email List using the Email List Validation

Here are a few ways to grow your subscriber’s list and build a long-term customer relationship.

1) Build a resource library

One of the leading ways to keep the subscribers on the list happy is providing content which resonates with the target audience. Why not build a resource library wherein customers have full access to the content and resources regarding your company. As a marketer, you can quickly create a resource library by piling up all the downloads, free newsletters and storing them in an online repository. Share the link to the repository with the customers on your email list. However, before triggering the link to the customers ensure you carry out email list validation to remove unwanted and uninterested customers from the subscriber’s list.

2) Create an online course

Many organizations including non-profit conduct a plethora of online classes and workshops for the customers. Send the recording of the workshop or the course to customers who could not attend the online session.  It will help you attract a plethora of subscribers. Furthermore, advertise the same on the website and ask customers to share their email address to access the recording. However, ensure that the course you offer is useful and provides deep insight to the customers. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain.

3) Access to live Q & A

There is no harm in conducting a monthly Q & A round with the subscribers who have questions and feedback regarding your brand. Any open Q & A is always a great way to build authority and bond with the target audience. Furthermore, your brand value increases because you care about the issues of your customers and you leave no stone unturned to bring value to their life. Therefore, upload some of the critical questions and answers on your website for other readers to go through.

4) Upload a case study

An authentic and insightful case study will speak miles about your brand. Case studies are a great way to send the message across to the audience in a succinct yet professional manner. It will position your organization in a great light and will help you build trust.

5) Don’t just sell

A big turn-off for customers in email marketing is receiving sales pitches instead of informational newsletters. Apart from sending promotional emails, focus on communicating tips, advice, stories, and newsletters to the target audience. Therefore, whatever list acquisition method you choose, remember to scrub the marketing list using email list validation to grow an official email list.