5 Bribe Examples of Growing the Email List

Have you recently started with your own blog? Is the content up-to-date and engaging? Are you wondering why customers are not subscribing to your newsletter? This is a common issue faced by email marketers. Today, people do not wish to receive blog updates on their email. Now, customers have Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. Now, marketers need to have solid and more tempting incentives to pique the interest of the digital customers and to grow the marketing list. Focus on cleaning the list using email verifier to further leverage the advantage of the marketing list.

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Here are a few ways to offer something valuable to the customers in exchange for their email address.

1) Access to online or email courses

Email automation empowers your brand to send a series of emails at the desired time whenever a customer completes an action. Many bloggers and brand use this strategy to send an email or online courses to the recipients. The email courses can include tips and tricks about something useful to the customers. If you offer AC servicing, you can create an email course on maintenance of AC and ways to keep it free from dust and other particulate matter. Moreover, you can either chose to send one email daily or once a week to engage the subscribers.

2) Free template download

Templates are not just limited to the web or email designing. It can come handy in creating resumes, content strategies, newsletters, spreadsheets, and calendars, which can be useful to the customers. Giving away an enticing and useful template in exchange for a recipient’s email address is worth the efforts. Today, online customers simply love to receive anything useful for free and template design is one such thing, which can help you grow your email list multi-fold. You can always use email verifier to see if the emails they are entering are valid or not.

3) Free access to webinars

Since long-time webinars are used by companies and marketers to turn leads into customers. According to a research up to 40% of the webinar attendees turn into qualified leads and long-term customers. This statistics should surely urge you to start a webinar related to any topic that might interest the target audience. There is no harm in giving it a try.

4) Premium content

Turning a blog into a member only website is a great way to build the list and increase the revenue. It will make your blog more productive and viewable. Premium content creates curiosity in the minds of the readers and they do not mind sharing their email address to access the premium content. However, for a start-up company, it is not advisable to start with a premium blog because the customers are clueless about your brand. Therefore, first build your blog, connect with the target audience and then focus on premium content to accelerate the growth of your email list.

5) Giveaways and free e-books

Giveaways and free ebooks are an excellent tactic to grow the marketing list. Furthermore, give the e-book to the customers whenever they sign-up for your email campaign.

Whatever list building tactic you focus on, remember to clean the list using email verifier.