5 Awesome Reasons for Cleaning your List

According to a survey, 81% of all the permission based emails reach the inbox of the customer. The percentage is huge considering the number of spam mails exchanged every day. As an email marketer, you need to consider maintaining a clean list using email verifier to ensure you reach the target audience. And, more and more emails reach the targeted recipients. List cleaning is essential because your list decays at a rate of 22.5% annually and it includes the permission based email addresses as well. Here are a few reasons why list cleaning is essential.

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Uplifts your domain reputation

A bad email list has a negative impact on your email deliverability rate and more emails land in the spam folder. Once the messages reach the spam folder, hitting the inbox would become a difficult task. Therefore, regularly clean your email list and maintain a healthy domain reputation. Clean your list every six monthly using email address validation.

Protects from blacklisting

Sending emails to bad, invalid and broken emails lead to ISP blacklisting, which is a nightmare for marketers. Your email service provider considers your ISP as notorious and forwards the message to the spam folders with little scope of reaching the inbox. A clean list protects from blacklisting and ensures a high delivery rate.

Increase the revenue opportunity

When the messages reach the inbox, you have a wider chance of turning the leads into buyers. Only when the readers receive the messages, they’re likely to take an action on it. Therefore, never overlook a bad email list. Treat such marketing lists as important.

Reduces the cost of sending emails

A decayed list rarely finds its way to the inbox, which increases the cost of sending the emails because customers are not interacting. On the contrary, a clean list attracts the customer and reduces the cost because customers make a purchase. The revenue generated reduces the cost of sending emails.

Target the right audience

Using a clean list, you can accurately segment the readers as active and inactive. Furthermore, you can put efforts on active subscribers.

Focus on using verify email on a regular basis.