4 Ways Why your Email List is Failing to Achieve the Desired Results

When you use email with a proper strategy to reach the customers, it could bring better results than any other known marketing channels. There are many use cases of companies and entrepreneurs who have tasted success just by putting their email marketing right. However, over the years, the preferences of the customers have changed. They prefer to read messages that add value to their life. Marketers who do not use email list management services on a regular basis, end up in the spam folder.


Here are a few reasons why your mailing list is not yielding the desired results.

1) You miss personalizing the messages

Why would a customer want to buy a product from a company they have never heard from? Or why would he respond to some random product launch? You need to give your emails a personal touch if you want the marketing list to deliver results. Segregate the customers based on their last purchase and send them offers. Such recipients are likely to show interest in a similar product. Miss personalizing the messages is a big turn off because a customer looking to buy a graphics T-shirt is likely to filter messages relating to a software product as spam. Understand your target audience and avoid sending blunt messages to the recipients.

2) You do not take list cleaning seriously

Time and again, we have stressed the importance of using an email list management services. But, still, a plethora of marketers overlook the importance of cleaning the mailing list. Whatever you do, your list is likely to decay every month. Customers are going to leave the marketing campaign for some reason or the other. You cannot force a customer to stay with your brand. When list hygiene is overlooked, the list becomes a storehouse of spam bots, honeypots and inactive email addresses. The presence of these notorious elements in the list reduces your chances of reaching the target audience.

3) You are not testing your assumptions

An email list will not deliver the desired result because you’re not performing A/B testing on your assumptions. A/B test the content to understand what resonates with the target audience. Focus on split-testing the subject lines to increase your open rate. Always test your assumptions before sending it to the audience. You can tweak your messages to make them engaging.

4) You are not signing up for your competitor list

Joining the list of your competitors will help you understand how companies are resonating with the target audience. You can know whether your subject line is more enticing than the competitors or not, why are customers preferring the messages of the competitors. You can understand whether a recipient will get excited to see your email or not. In the battle of attention and engagement, you’re literally against everything in the inbox.

Focus on using email list management services to clean the marketing list and stay in touch with the customers. Always remember that your marketing list is your biggest asset. Try to use it in your favor.