4 Ways to Clean your Email Newsletter List using Email Validation Online

John, a successful email marketer, has close to 50,000 subscribers on the email list, but the open rates are faltering with every passing day. So, should cleaning an email using email validation online should send a shiver down your spine? No marketer wants their customers to receive messages when they are not likely to open them and are not interested in your offerings. Certain customers sign up just to avail a discount whereas others sign up to participate in a contest. In both the scenarios, your email never reaches the target audience and your marketing campaign suffers from email fatigue. There is no point keeping a high number of subscribers in the mailing list when the engagement with the target audience is super low.

4 Ways to Clean your Email Newsletter List using Email Validation Online

Here are a few ways to clean your newsletter email list to gain direct entry to the inbox of the subscribers.

1) Decrease the unsubscribe rate

Customers care about what you have to say. An email list of 50,000 subscribers is useless if your content isn’t resonating with the target audience. Give your customers a reason to stay with your brand otherwise customers will click the unsubscribe button. Also, when creating a sign-up form ensure you state what the customers can expect from your brand. Setting an expectation from the beginning helps in lower un-subscription rate because the customers know what to expect from your emails. Furthermore, focus on funneling new people in your email list when customers unsubscribe from the marketing list. Decreasing the unsubscribe rate is crucial because loyal customers will enhance the sales figure.

2) Stay out of the SPAM pile

With the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, it becomes difficult for the marketers to send unsolicited emails to customers who have not shared their email address. Therefore, focus on avoiding deceptive headers, misleading subject lines, etc. Ensure that you have a working unsubscribe link in every email for the customers to leave the campaign at any point. As a marketer, you need to deploy every tactic to stay out of the SPAM file. Furthermore, scrub your email list using email validation online to remove customers who are likely to filter the messages as spam.

3) Ask customers to whitelist your email address

If a customer whitelists your email address, your newsletters will land in the inbox, instead of the spam or promotional folder. The ISPs will not filter your messages as spam once the customer whitelists the email address. Send your customers a discount or an offer for whitelisting your email address. Furthermore, every email service has its tips and recommendations for getting an email address whitelisted. Focus on performing due diligence to keep your marketing list clean.

4) Increase the open rate

An open rate is an indication of a clean list, and you need to maintain a healthy open rate to reach the target audience. Therefore, focus on creating a subject line that is engaging, offering content that is valuable and sending emails to the right people at the right time.

As marketers, regularly use email validation online to remove people who never want to hear from your brand.