4 Ways to Build a Thousand-Person Marketing List

When starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur, a plethora of customers face the problem of building an engaged email list after building a product. No product will automatically beget audience unless you have something valuable to offer. However, getting the initial foothold is a challenging task because you don’t know where to start. Focus on creating content, which resonates with the target audience. Additionally, when you survey around your brand, you will realize that other brands have a similar target audience, readership, and demographics. Cutting through such clutter is difficult because you might open your brand directly to the competition. Therefore, the need of the hour is to maintain a marketing list using an email list cleaning service to reach the target audience.

Here are a few ways to build a thousand-person email and directly reach the inbox of the customers.

4 Ways to Build a Thousand-Person Marketing List Using Email List Cleaning Service

1) Providing incentives for sharing

Some customers seek economic value, some prefer tips, whereas others ask valuable information from the newsletter. You can quickly turn the customers into brand advocates by sharing content, which is relevant and meaningful. Once your customers like the content, they’re likely to share the content with their friends and family members. To further, increase the customer base, you need to provide incentives to customers who share their content with others. And, once customers like your newsletters, they’re likely to follow your brand on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media website. You can provide incentives in the form of discounts, promotional offers, gifts and eBooks to lure the audience. Furthermore, focus on using email list cleaning service to reach the target audience.

2) Use an exit intent pop-up

Certain customers always overlook the website form, even if they are placed right after a blog post. However, exit intent pop-up will help you convert the prospects into blog subscribers. Rather than using a pop-up at the start, why not focus on using the exit intent pop-up. Once, a customer reads the blog or article; they’re more likely to subscribe to your email newsletter. Therefore, it makes sense to use the exit intent pop-up to drive results and build a stronger customer base.

3) Collect email addresses at tradeshows

Industry events and tradeshows are probably the right places to grow your email list. Using these events, companies can build an active email list. You can use tablets and phones to register the attendance of the attendees. At these trade shows, you can connect with customers who are genuinely interested in hearing information from your brand. However, send an opt-in link to the customers who give their email addresses to ensure permission-based sending.

4) Run contests and giveaways

Customers love free offers, and it helps the brand in building an image and reputation in the market. Therefore, channelize your energy in creating a mind-blowing contest offering a free trial,  free service of product to the customer. However, focus on list validation using email list cleaning service to avoid hitting the spam traps. This way you will send the contest information to people who want to hear from your brand. It only requires hard-work to build an authentic email list!