4 Ways to Accelerate the Growth of your Email Database

Marketers are often happy about the size of their email database. In fact, it is their prized possession because it guides you to the potential customers. With your database, you’re successfully creating an ever-growing pool of views, comment and share, which you can tap at any point in time. If you create a viral post today, it might receive 30,000 views, but what about your next post? If you have an authentic database, which is regularly cleaned using email address validation, you will have returning views, shares and comments. Accelerating the growth of the email database is crucial because your list decays by more than 25% every year. You are likely to lose one in every four customers you make every year.

email address validation

Here are a few ways to increase your database and reach the target audience.

Content upgrades

Will your email campaign benefit if the blog post converts at 5% or at 50%? The answer is obvious.

You simply have a create a blog post and write another subsequent blog post that goes in-depth about the same topic. Share the first blog post with the customers and offer the readers with an option to exchange their email addresses with the in-depth content piece. The strategy of the content upgrade is brilliant because customers have shown interest in your offering. Why not offer something more to the customers? Most companies have witnessed an increase in the subscription rate by more than 30% using the content upgrade. However, focus on creating content that is interesting to pique the interest of the customers.

Host a giveaway

Online customers love to participate in the contest, which encompasses free giveaways and a plethora of discounts. A perfect giveaway can enhance the brand loyalty, inspires customer loyalty and generates excitement in the customers. Furthermore, most of the customers readily give away their email addresses in exchange for a chance to win something. Offer a compelling prize to the audience and incentives to people who don’t win to engage them in your next contest. However, focus on making the giveaway, which only your potential customers will buy, otherwise, you will end-up exchanging only emails relating to freebies, which will not result in any sales.


Pop-ups are easy and they actually work in building a strong email list. Pop-up boxes constantly remind the customers to subscribe to your newsletter without reminding them again and again. Create a pop-up plugin and write a few lines of compelling copy. Ensure that the pop-up comes up every time a customer reaches the end of the page or is about to exit the website. Therefore, enterprises usually witness a jump in the subscription rate with the help of pop-ups.

Partner with influencers

If you can afford, focus on partnering with influencers to drive conversion and build your email list. Start connecting with influencers at your current level and urge them to partner with your brand. Therefore, find people who want to build their brand and work together to expand your collective influence.

Whatever method you select to accelerate the growth of your email list, remember to scrub the email list using email address validation.