4 Things Affecting Deliverability of Emails— Part I

A fruitful marketing campaign is one having the highest email deliverability because unless the messages are being delivered to the customers, spreading a word about your brand will be a difficult task. Email list hygiene needs to be frequent and consistent. You can use email address verification to regularly clean the marketing list and easily overcome some of the common factors affecting email deliverability.

Typo error in the email address

When a subscriber misspells the email address or the domain name or misspells their own name leading to email bounce, which affects the deliverability of the messages. The easiest way to fix this problem is by urging customers for double opt-in. A double opt-in is a process wherein a customer confirms their subscription before getting added to the mailing list. And, if the customer has entered a wrong email address, the customer will never receive the confirmation form, thereby preventing and reducing the bounce rate. This method will help you clean the mailing list and keep the undeliverable email addresses from entering into the email list. You will be able to build an error free marketing list for your marketing campaign.

Change in Email Address

You will be shocked to know that more than 30% of the customers change their email addresses yearly, meaning that by the end of every year, you will have dormant addresses in the mailing list. It is extremely difficult to know when a customer is likely to change the address causing a lot of problems for the marketing campaign. You can use email analytics to determine whether the customer is dormant or not. If a particular customer is not responding to the emails or not opening the messages for a several months, you can remove them from the mailing list. Additionally, you can use email verifier to scrub the mailing list. Clean the mailing list on a regular basis to ensure maximum delivery of the messages to the inbox of the customer.

You will read about 2 more factors affecting email deliverability in the next post. Until then, stay tuned!