4 Reasons Why You Should Never Purchase an Email List

Whether you have just started your business or running a flourishing one, finding shortcuts to success always seems a viable option. But, purchasing a list can cause more damage than it will do good to your business. Today, email is the leading way to launch a product because billions of customers across the world are using it for receiving promotional emails. However, the dream of reaching the inbox of the customers comes to an end with a purchased email list. When you purchase a list, you will also have to thoroughly clean the list using email address verification. The results may or may not satisfy you because the customers do not want to receive messages from your brand.

email address verification

Here are a few reasons for building an email list organically, instead of purchasing it.

1) You’re labeled as a spammer

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Do you enjoy receiving unsolicited emails? If your answer is yes, why would a customer want to receive messages from someone they don’t know. The chances of your messages reaching the spam folder are high. Even if your marketing messages contain rich information, but from the recipient’s perspective, you’re just another unknown company barging wrongfully in their inbox. You will come across a spammer and the future messages will automatically reach the spam folder. This will bring your marketing efforts to a standstill.

2) You will face trouble with the ESP

Too many customer complaints can result in the closing of your account with the email service provider. Or worst, the ESP may decide to take legal action against your company. For example, ESP like Aweber considers list purchase as a violation of their service agreement. If you don’t want trouble with your ESP, it’s best to grow your list using legitimate methods.

3) You will receive poor response

Why will a customer who wants to receive information regarding latest shoes be happy when you send marketing messages relating to a software? Generally, the response rate of a purchase list is less than 5% because the recipients will never bother to open the messages. Reaching the sales page is out of the question. The poor response rate is likely to adversely affect the ROI. And, in email ROI is the biggest factor determining the success and failure of the marketing campaign.

4) Your reputation will go for a toss

Buying an email list will open your company to broader problems relating to reputation. Imagine a scenario wherein a customer Googling your company’s name comes across spiteful messages from customers who received unsolicited emails from your brand. What will happen to your reputation? A few negative comments will cause a serious dent in your reputation, leading to PR problems. Furthermore, you will end-up spending on reputation management.

Always remember an email is the best arsenal in your armory. Focus on growing it organically and use email address verification to regularly clean the email list. Furthermore, literally take an oath of never purchasing an email list from a third-party vendor.