4 Innovative Sign up form Ideas for Growing your Email List

Marketers are always on a lookout to attract the attention of the visitors coming to their website. But, converting those visitors to leads is a challenge. You might be spending time on creating out-of-the-box email newsletters to force the customers to buy from your brand. In doing so, you are assuming that the visitors will share their email address while filling the sign-up form. What will happen if the visitors are turning away from your brand because the sign-up is dull or contains too many fields for the user to fill. The form is the first step to build your brand image. You can easily grow your marketing list using an attractive form. But, remember to clean it using email validation reduce the bounce rate.

4 Innovative Sign up form Ideas for Growing your Email List - Email Validation

Here are a few ways to spice the sign-up form to create a massive email list, which will convert.

1) Use visuals to make your offer

A sign-up form with an appealing visual is likely to entice the visitors to join your marketing campaign. As a marketer when you are capable of envisioning the tangible benefits, you succeed in pushing the customer to make a decision in your favor. Create interesting visuals to pique the interest of the website visitors. Dull and monotonous sign-up form leaves a negative impression and is incapable of producing the desired results. Furthermore, according to research, sign-up form with visuals get 94% more views than the one without images.

2) Display a percentage tracker

Customers fear the sign-up form because they spend too much time in filling the form. Therefore, put a percentage tracker on the sign-up form to tell the customers how close they are to completing the entire process. Furthermore, when customers are shown the completion of the form, it encourages them to continue. You need to think from the perspective of the customers when creating the sign-up form.

3) Use not more than 2 form fields

Sign up form with more than 2 fields are usually a big turn off for subscribers. It will increase your conversion rate because the visitors will spend very less time to sign-up. The two form fields can include the name of the subscriber and their email address. Without the name of the customer, personalizing the messages is next to impossible. Also, when there are more fields, a customer might enter the wrong email address out of frustration. Therefore, focus on cleaning the list using email validation. Think from the perspective of the customers before creating the sign-up form.

4) Let customers choose their preference

Your email campaign might comprise of a bouquet of services such as sales messages,  video marketing, company news and production tips. Give your customers a chance to choose the services for which they want to receive the newsletter. It will help you reduce the unsubscribe rate and your marketing campaign will gain traction.

Spice up your sign-up form to win the trust of the readers. But, remember to clean the marketing campaign using email validation to reach the target audience.