4 Best Practices to Grow your Email List using Email Verify

With burgeoning marketing techniques like artificial intelligence, chatbots, and social media platforms slowly gaining traction, email is somewhere losing charm because it’s not glamorous. And, with email struggling for new and trendy formats, following best practices to build the marketing list is probably the leading way for marketers to attract new customers. But, in the face of reality, email has a higher conversion rate than social media and it’s the leading platform for customer acquisition and retention. With 2018, just around the corner, focus on list pruning using email verify. Enter the New Year with customers who want to hear from your brand. Furthermore, adhere to the below best practices to fuel the email growth.

4 Best Practices to Grow your Email List using Email Verify

1) Use popovers

Popovers, not pop-ups. A popover like a pop-up ad displays when a customer visits your website, but they’re less irritating because they don’t open in a new window. The popovers form an additional layer and do not cause reading hindrance to the customer. Companies are preferring popovers over pop-ups because the former is a form offering coupons, eBooks, and gifts in exchange for an email address. Using pop-overs to sign-up is a lethal tool for building an efficient and robust marketing list. However, a plethora of customers will share their recycled email address just to avail the offer. Therefore, focus on list verification using email verify to remove such activity from the database.

2) Ask in-store

Why not leverage your brick and mortar store to gather email addresses of customer who are yet to visit your website. You have an outstanding opportunity to cull new subscribers in a personal way. Focus on setting up a kiosk with a tablet and keep a box to stack up to the business cards of the customers. Give your customers a benefit of doubt because when the customer is taking the pain to visit your store, they’re probably interested in your offerings. Sweeten the visit of your customer by offering something valuable like a coupon or discount. And, once you have the email address, you can access the online and offline purchases of the customers to better understand their requirement.

3) Conduct surveys

All customers want to be heard, especially if they have had a bad experience with your brand. You can make it easier for your customers by offering them a survey to voice their concerns. Attach these surveys along with your popovers when a customer is about to leave your website. The surveys will give your brand an opportunity to learn the concerns of your target audience. Surveys are the best way to tell the customers you care about their brand and tailor future communications.

4) Use social media

If you already have a social media following, you can turn the followers into long-term email subscribers. Promote your email list on different social media channels. And, allows your customers to win online prizes in exchange for their email address.

Focus on cleaning the marketing list using email verify to keep in touch with customers who want to hear from your brand.