4 Astonishing Ways to Enhance the Email Open Rate

Are you sick and tired of sending email campaigns that are not resonating with the audience? Do you constantly witness a lower open rate? Are you clueless how you can improve the future marketing campaigns? While there are some factors which contribute to a high open rate, a few factors are crucial in deciding the success of your email campaign. Today, you need to clean your email list using email validation API to ensure your messages reach the target audience. Furthermore, if you suspect the email deliverability is low – it’s primarily because of lower open rate. As a general rule of thumb, any open rate below 15% is sub-par and requires your immediate attention.

4 Astonishing Ways to Enhance the Email Open Rate using Email Validation API

Here are five astonishing ways to enhance the open rate and ensure your customer stays loyal to your brand.

1) Invest in your subject line

As a marketer, your subject line is probably the most important piece of content – why? Similar to an article headline, it draws people and gets them interested in your offer. Generic newsletters such as ‘ Weekly Newsletter’ or ‘ Hey There’ will not serve the purpose. Therefore, it’s probably the right time to invest in the subject line before hitting the send button. When crafting a subject line, sometimes it pays to be direct with the readers. Furthermore, you can focus on sending teasers because customers love cliffhangers. And, if you manage to bell the cat, it will pique the interest of the subscribers. Apart from investing in the subject lines, shift your focus on cleaning the marketing list using email validation API to reach the target audience.

2) Revisit your sign-up process

A successful open rate commences as soon as a customer joins the email campaign. As a marketer, it’s your duty to ensure that the readers understand what they’re signing for. It’s crucial to revisit the sign-up process to clarify the expectation before the customers hit the unsubscribe button. Furthermore, find out the value of each sign-up to create marketing campaigns which pique the interest of the customers. When it comes to email open rate, small improvements can definitely make a difference.

3) Scrub the marketing list

Today, list verification is a lethal tool in the arsenal of a marketer because it eliminates customers who don’t want to hear from your brand. Without using email validation API, your emails will end up in the spam folder and you will witness a surge in the bounce rate. Therefore, a leading way to enhance the open rate is by scrubbing the marketing list on a regular basis.

4) Never purchase an email list

In a frustration to build a large email list, a plethora of marketers often end-up purchasing list from third-party vendors. And, this step often proves to be detrimental because the customers on the list have signed up for a different brand. Your messages will not resonate with the audience, resulting in high complaint rate, which will eventually reduce the open rate.

Focus on sending great looking emails to win the trust of the audience and build a long-term customer relationship.