3 Ways to Stop Abusing your Email List Using Email Verifier

For a plethora of customers, email is a whining toddler because of flattering tone and the ear-piercing shout to capture the customer’s attention. Does a customer sign-up for this reason? Today, if you print and stack up against the emails a customer receives, it would be taller than an eleven-year-old. Many email marketers send messages such as ‘ We don’t want to waste your time.’ If the intention was not to disturb, why did the marketer send 15 emails in the past two weeks about the same product? Isn’t the company breaching the personal space? When a customer ignores the first 3-4 messages, sending the same message is useless. The customers will filter the messages as spam. Therefore, focus on using email verifier to maintain email list hygiene.

3 Ways to Stop Abusing your Email List Using Email Verifier

Here are three ways to stop abusing the marketing list.

1) Clean, clean and clean

Do you only clean your house during the holiday season? Then, why scrub the mailing list only when you encounter a high bounce or low open rate? You need to look at your list carefully to know who you’re sending the messages. Sending messages for the sake of it is an old school tactic that no longer delivers the result. Today, list cleaning has become an integral part of every marketing campaign and companies overlooking it will face serious deliverability issues in the near future. Keep a sweater you are never going to wear in the future will occupy unnecessary space in the closet. If you take people off from your list on a regular basis, you become successful in delivering the messages. Therefore, focus on cleaning the list using email verifier.

2) Sending email newsletters only when necessary

Before hitting the send button, ask yourself the following questions.

a) Do you have a relevant and target messages for the audience?

b) Will your message add value in the life of the audience?

c) Is your target audience ready to receive promotional emails from your end?

If the answer to any of the questions is No, you should resist hitting the send button.  In email marketing, getting the marketing strategy hit the bull’s eye every time is not possible. When you restrain yourself from sending the messages, you increase the curiosity of the audience, who will wait to hear from your brand. Provide some space to the readers by sending messages only when you have something worthwhile to share.

3) Rethink your marketing goals

A plethora of marketers miserably fails in email because they are unclear about their marketing goals. A marketing goal which confuses the campaign creator will attract negative results because the campaign is not in-line with the marketing goals. Focus on creating well-documented marketing goals, which you can describe in 2-3 bullet points. Anything above that will confuse the marketers. Rethink and revisit the emails goals to send newsletters according to the requirement of the readers.

The future of email marketing is your hand. Stop abusing the email list by maintaining list hygiene through email verifier. Keep creating and keep sending relevant messages to entice your readers.