3 Ways to Reduce the Bounce Rate

What does bounce rate mean? What is an acceptable bounce rate? Why is it so important in the email marketing world? And, how to reduce a high bounce rate? These are a few questions which everyone who is involved in email marketing has thought about at least once. It is one of the most important metrics of email as it will tell you for how many emails the deliverability has completely failed. As an email marketer, you will come across soft bounces and hard bounces. Soft bounce occurs when the email is temporarily undeliverable, which could be because the customer’s inbox is full or the email server is down and hard bounce occurs when the email address is incorrect. Hard bounces are dreaded by most marketers as it ruins the whole marketing campaign. Reducing the number of deliverability issues is extremely important when it comes to email marketing.


Understand the audience

Understand the reason why customers want to connect with your business. If you can understand what the target audience wants, half the battle is won. You need to create newsletters that the customers can directly relate to and for sending useful information understanding the customers is extremely essential. The foundation of the email marketing campaign has to be strong, if you want to taste success. Imagine sending baby product news to an unmarried person, the recipient, and the person is surely going to filter the message as spam.

Email Validation

Email address verification is the leading way to terminate hard bounces as it removes all the typos and email addresses having invalid domain. A hard bounce is enough to degrade the sender’s reputation and the deliverability gets affected. The ISP delivers messages to the inbox of the customers based on their sender’s score. Therefore, it is essential to clean the mailing list on a regular basis using an email verifier.

Build relationship with new customers

Try to build your relationship with customers who have recently joined the marketing program because it will reduce the chances of email getting bounced. Additionally, you will be able to build a large user base.