3 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers from your WordPress Blog

Are you among the marketers, who have tried every tactic to enhance the conversion rate? Are you looking for new ways to build your email list? Close to 4 billion customers use email on a daily basis, so what does your email list comprises of only a few customers? Something somewhere is not going the right way. If you run a blog, you already have a gold mine; you only need to dig. Building the list is just one aspect, you need to regularly scrub the marketing list using an email list management services to remain in contact with customers.

3 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers from your WordPress Blog – Email List Management Services

Here are three proven ways to grow your subscriber’s list.

1) Host a giveaway contest

Giving away free ebooks and white paper is a great way to entice the audience and convert the leads to customers. But, people respond better when there is a sense of competition such as a contest or a giveaway. Host a giveaway contest and offer gift cards or a free subscription to the customers. Such lucrative offers are likely to draw the attention of the target audience. Giveaways are likely to grow the email list by manifolds. However, remember that when running a contest on your blog, clearly let the subscribers know what they can expect after entering their email addresses. Also, focus on cleaning the marketing list using an email list management services.

2) Offer content upgrade

A content upgrade is nothing, but a bonus piece of content you offer customers in exchange for their email address. It is usually an extension of a previous blog post. A content upgrade delves much deeper into the content. For example, if you are a hardware company, you can share content about effective ways of maintaining the RAM of the computer. To get a content upgrade, visitors need to sign up through the opt-in form. Turn your blog post into an MP3 file and use it as a content upgrade option. This not only gives you an opportunity to get more subscribers but get more visitors who value the content you share.

3) Split-test your opt-in form

One easy way to get more subscribers is to improve the conversion from your pop-up form using split-testing. It will assist you in understanding the most successful variation. Also, use A/B testing to test which email opt-in form is working and which pop-up message is yielding the desired results. With such tests, you can alter the color, images and copy to know which opt-in form works best for your audience. Test variations to reach the target audience.

You can implement these strategies on your WordPress blog to grow your email list faster and quicker. With the help of right tools and incentives, you can reach the audience. Using your blog to grow your email list is a great way to generate revenue as it is a win-win situation for both the customers and your brand. Whatever, acquisition strategy you use, clean the marketing list using email list management services.