3 Ways to Automatically Grow your Marketing List and Maintain It

If you have heard that you need to work every day to grow your email list, you’re on the wrong track! Forget about creating weekly campaigns to turn the readers into customers. Technically, there is no shortcut of growing an email list overnight, unless you create a post that goes viral on social media. And, this is again impossible, because you never know which post will go viral. All your planning will come to a standstill and you will come back to ground zero. Therefore, focus on these strategies to increase the database automatically. Remember to maintain email list hygiene using an email verifier.

3 Ways to Automatically Grow your Marketing List and Maintain it Using Email Verifier


1) Facebook Ad Campaign

Leverage the power of Facebook to interact with customers who are yet to subscribe to your newsletter. However, this strategy will require a one-time monetary investment. But, the investment would be worth every penny because most of the paid ad campaigns guarantee results. Facebook will show your ad to people who are looking for products that your brand is offering. Unlike Google Adwords, which is a fairly complex process to understand, Facebook Ad campaigns are easy to understand and implement. Using Facebook Ads you can easily promote your business page and get more subscribers. You only need to decide your budget and create a campaign for the target audience. However, clean the email list regularly using email verifier to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand.

2) Create subscriber-only content

Another great way to win the trust of the customers is by creating subscriber-only content. Turn your blog post into a gold mine, which generates a huge number of customers.  Focus on using Google Analytics to know which post perform the best. Therefore, lock those blog posts behind an email opt-in form. Readers who want to read will provide their email address. Use the content lock to generate more leads automatically. Sit back and enjoy the ROI of the marketing campaign. Apart from subscriber-only content, you can create content upgrade and allow the visitors to gain access to premium content by just sharing their email address.

3) Use Exit Pop-ups

Just before a customer is about to leave the web page, use a pop-up message to capture their attention.  Today, with the help of technology, you can convert website abandoning visitors to leads who can become long-term customers. The exit pop-ups work as attention grabbers and will help you earn the email address of visitors and will also help in lowering the bounce rate of the website. With the exit pop-up, offer a valuable eBook or a discount code to entice the visitors. The more creative you get, the higher your email list will grow.

You can also use welcome gates to grab the attention of the visitors. Once you figure out the right strategy for your marketing campaign, you can utilize the time to promote the products and focus on what is truly important for your business. Additionally, scrub the marketing list at least once every three months using email verifier to keep the bounce and complaint rate low.