3 Ways Subscription Bombing Effects and Ways to Prevent It

With the growth of technology, marketers are cautious about email subscriptions because spam bots, honey pots, and subscription bombing can lead to email deliverability issues. Subscription bombing is no longer a buzz word, it is an internet wide trend wherein malicious bots affect the email addresses of a person, rendering it useless. If the sign-up form on your website is not protected, you will leave your customers prone to online attacks. Marketers using the email verification API are likely to witness fewer attacks than their counterparts.

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How it affects your business?


1) IP addresses can be blocked

Your failure to deal with issues relating to abuse of email addresses via subscription bombing results in blocking of the IP addresses. Spamhaus constantly scrutinizes the email addresses vulnerable to subscription bombing and block the IP addresses of the potential sender to safeguard the interest of the customers. If research is to be believed, more than 60% of the emails never reach the email addresses due to blacklisting. Overlooking spam bots and subscription bombing can prove as a costly affair for your marketing campaign.

2) Email list quality degrades

The attacks of subscription bombing are so real that marketers find it difficult to differentiate it from a real customer. As more victims of subscription bombing make way to your email list, the quality of the list degrades. You need to focus on using the email verification API, to clean the list and ensure your brand stays away from subscription bombing and other malicious activities.

3) Curbs the sender’s reputation

The sender’s reputation reduces the sender’s reputation because your IP address is blocked. Furthermore, complaints from affected recipients increases, which boils down the sender’s reputation. Once the reputation is at stake, winning back the trust of the customers become impossible.


How to prevent subscription bombing?


1) Implement CAPTCHA on the sign-up form

One easiest way to deal with subscription bombing is using CAPTCHA such as reCAPTCHA from Google on all the sign-up forms. This adds an extra layer of protection on all the sign-up, thereby preventing bots and automated systems from making way into your email list.

2) Implement confirmed opt-in

Implementing confirmed opt-in will not reduce the number of abuses, but it will help you identify and receive permission from real subscribers. With such a process, you can easily determine, which email address is real and which can a disrupt in the marketing campaign.

3) IP address tracking

Device or IP address tracking is a great way of identifying the bots from the real customers. You can easily weigh the location of the user and the level of threat they possess to your email campaign. Therefore, keep a track of the number of requests originating from a single IP address to detect malicious activities. Lock the malicious email addresses to increase your chances of reaching the inbox of the customer.

Preventative maintenance is always the best course of action when dealing with subscription bombing. Try to stop the issue from escalating, in the beginning, to reap benefits in the future.