3 Ways of Improving the Health of your Email Marketing List

Email hygiene has nothing to do with soap and water. In fact, it is a best practice for an effective marketing campaign. Email list hygiene means removing the invalid subscribers and the non-responsive readers. You may decide to scrub the list every 3 or 4 months, but remember to stick to your schedule. Today, identifying the inactive and invalid subscribers is essential as it leads to a high bounce rate. And, bounce rate damages the performance of your campaign. Therefore, use email list cleaning software on a regular basis to reach the target audience.


Wake the dead

If your list is full of inactive emails, you need to re-engage the subscribers using a ‘wake the dead’ marketing campaign. Consider sending messages to readers who are inactive for more than six months. You need to re-engage the readers, before dumping them from the mailing list. Every subscriber is precious and there is no harm in trying to wake up their interest. If still these subscribers don’t respond, suppress their email address, otherwise it will reduce the open rate. Validate email to reduce the chances of landing in the spam folder.

Clean your list

Hire a third party vendor to remove spam, misspelled email addresses, and inactive subscribers. Such measures are likely to boost the deliverability rate. Furthermore, remove the inactive and non-respondent readers because ISPs look at the engagement metrics to determine whether the message reaches the spam folder or the inbox. You also need to remove role accounts such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] because these accounts don’t belong to a real person. Focus on emailing actual people for a successful email campaign.

Get email confirmation

One of the leading ways to enhance the health of your list by confirming the email address from the subscribers. This process is called as the double opt-in process. It will ensure that you are mailing people who want to hear from your brand. Furthermore, it will ensure that you connect with engaged subscribers.

Focus on using email address validation on a regular basis.