3 Ways of Growing an Engaged Email Marketing List

Marketers with small businesses tend to perform outstandingly well in terms of sales when the business has an engaged email list. Such marketers understand a thin line of difference between nurtured readers and cold email subscribers. Building an email list with higher open rates and click through rate is not difficult if you follow the right marketing strategies. Nurturing your email list will take time, but the efforts are likely to pay-off in the end. However, remember to clean your mailing list using verify email to engage readers who are genuinely interested in your newsletters.


Warm welcome messages

The moment a reader signup for receiving your newsletter, they’re more interested to hear about your brand. You need to ensure that you meet the expectation of the customers, and focus on setting an automated email message. According to a survey, welcome messages have an extremely high open rate when compared to other emails you send. Get the new folks a reason to stick to your brand and focus on offering discount for their first purchase. Additionally, clean the marketing using email verifier to reduce the open and bounce rate.

Choose the right frequency

It’s important to find out the optimum sending frequency for your brand. If you’re an ecommerce website, you will enjoy a higher frequency than other sectors. Ideally, sending one message per week is enough to stay connected to the target readers. However, if you’re still unaware about the sending frequency, start with a number you think is optimum, and gradually reduce it based on the results obtained. Understand that frequency is essential to keep the readers engaged and connected with the brand for a long time.

Make use of your blog

Use the content in your blog to connect with readers via an email. Content never gets old, it’s the traffic that eventually vanishes away from the blog post. Send content at regular intervals of time to ensure that readers stay connected.

Whatever list building technique you’re using, scrub the email list using email validation to win the trust of your readers.