3 Strategies for Building a Massive Mailing List

Email marketing is the most direct and personalized form of marketing available for generating leads, subscribers and customers. You can segment subscribers and develop marketing campaign driving results. However, remember that no email marketing campaign can be successful without an authentic mailing list. Target your website visitors to build a strong list because visitors to your website have interest in what you are selling. You have the golden opportunity to convert such customers into email subscribers. However, clean the mailing list regularly using verify email to remove inactive and dormant accounts.


Email pop up

One of the leading ways to grow a marketing list is using email pop up. You may be skeptical about using a pop up form on your website fearing that it might irk the visitors. But, according to a recent study, a brand increased the email capture by 500% when they used email pop up to entice the readers. Never make the reader search for a sign up form, instead make it visible and put it right in front of their eyes. An email pop up is nothing, but a crisp sales pitch of your business. Lucrative offers, captivating copy and innovative designs will surely attract the attention of the target readers. However, remember to use email address verification to remove incorrect email addresses.

Slide-in sign up form

Another effective and reliable method of building a list is through a slide-in sign up form. In this, you use a small window that slides into the main browser either towards the left or right. It helps in putting the sign up form in the main location of the website. The slide-in form can be controlled based upon the time spent on the website, page views, number of pages scrolled and behavioral triggers.

Exit offers

Nothing can be worse than a customer leaving the marketing campaign without converting. You have one more chance to entice the reader. An exit email offer at the exact moment when the reader attempts of leave your website will help you maintain the marketing list.

No email marketing list can become successful without the help of email validation.