3 Steps to Build your Email List

Email marketing is a great way to promote your brand and is preferred by many customers. If you can make it through the clutter of inbox, you can easily reach the target audience. However, making through the inbox is the toughest job for marketers because many still possesses an outdated marketing list. Marketers who don’t clean and update their list using validate email often fall prey to spam traps that destroys the sender’s reputation. You need to focus on building a healthy marketing list, which will help you reach the inbox of the readers. Follow these 4 steps to enhance your relationship with the potential customers.


Choosing the right email validation service

The first step of building an authentic email list is choosing the appropriate email address verification service. This is essential as changing to a new service provider will prove costly and you will waste time searching for a new one. Focus on hiring a company that offers value at an affordable price. Furthermore, ask for free samples to check whether the service is capable of providing the desired results or not. Focus on quality over quantity because in the long run quality customers will increase the revenue.

Make sign up easy

If the signing process takes more than 30 seconds, readers are more likely to drift away. The easier it to join the newsletter, the faster your email list will grow. Moreover, ask relevant information necessary for your campaign in subsequent emails to the readers. Never ask too much information at the initial stage. Furthermore, focus on placing the sign up form where it’s conveniently visible to the target audience. Place it at all the important pages so that the customers can sign up.

Guarantee privacy

No customer will sign up if you share their email addresses with third party companies. Make it clear that you include a statement on every form that you will never share information with others for any other purposes. Today, customers value their privacy more than anything else.

Therefore, focus on these steps to build an authentic list and use email validation to clean the mailing list.