3 Simple Ways of Building an Email List

As an online business owner, you’re probably looking for different ways to increase traffic to reach more and more people. Many times we have stressed on the importance of an authentic email list and its countless benefits. However, building a list is easier than done and it definitely doesn’t happen overnight. You need proper planning, implementation and promotion to acquire a reasonable number of customers on your list. Furthermore, you need to maintain it using email address verification to keep it error free. Here are a few extremely simple ways of growing your marketing list.


Create a freebie

Do not create a freebie just because your next door neighbor is offering one to his customer. The freebie you create totally depends on your target audience and what you’re offering to the audience. If you’re running a movie subscription website, offering one free movie every weekend may be an ideal freebie offer. People simply love getting stuff for free and weekends is the best time to watch a movie with the family members. Therefore, decide how your audience will benefit and grow your list at a rapid space. Focus on cleaning the list using email verifier to remove spam traps.

Send weekly newsletters

If you’re capable of delivering high quality content and you know the audience well, consider sending newsletters every week. Many customers who love to hear from your brand will look forward to receive your messages in the inbox. Therefore, put your efforts in finding out what your target audience wants. Furthermore, during the initial signup process, tell the customers the frequency of messages they can expect from your brand.

Host a giveaway

Giveaway is similar to a freebie, the only difference is that freebies are offered to all the customers, whereas giveaway is meant just for one person. You can find different sponsors who will contribute to your giveaway and make the prize bigger. It will attract many new customers and you can build an authentic email list.

You can encourage the audience to give their email addresses in many ways, just remember to use email list cleaning software.