3 Real Life Email List Cleaning Lessons

Plenty of information is available online for customers and if you want to entice the readers, you need to urge them to join your mailing list. With a strong mailing list, you can easily dedicate your resources in creating items and stuffs that your customers love. Every email marketing requires a marketing list, which will help them win the trust and attention. However, many times due to budget limitation, email validation is neglected by the marketers. Here are a few pragmatic tips to boost the accuracy and effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


Create a proper plan

Simply telling yourself that you will clean your email list will not help you in any possible way. Instead, you need to create an actionable set of ideas that will govern the list cleaning. Focus on creating a plan that details about how you’re going to clean your list. It will help other people, when you’re not around. Fix deadlines for scrubbing the list and ensure the deadlines are met. Furthermore, clean the list every six monthly on a regular basis to touch base with people who want to hear from your brand. Marketers who come on the battlefield without proper planning always lose their customers. However, use email address verification regularly.

Email your customers regularly

One of the leading ways to ensure accuracy in your email list is to mail it on a weekly or monthly basis. The more you send, the more customers will interact and you will know which data is irrelevant. It will help you remove customers who are inactive for more than six months. Focus on seeing every campaign as an opportunity to remove the dead email addresses.

Never delete email addresses on a single bounce

You can suppress such records, especially if a soft bounce has occurred. When you delete a customer, you lose all the data associated with them. Therefore, suppress the record because you never know when the issue causing the bounce is resolved. Email bounce could be due to a minor problem in the server.

Focus on using email list cleaning software to maintain a sparkling clean list.