3 List Building Techniques For Your Business

Email is an affordable marketing tactic and yields more investment than any other marketing platform. The success of email marketing is dependent upon a number of factors like ESP, sender’s reputation, content and mailing list. If the quality of the mailing list is poor, the potential to drive traffic and get in touch with prospects become difficult. A mailing list is the single factor affecting the success of the marketing campaign very deeply. Likewise, remember to clean the marketing list using email verifier to ensure you connect with prospects who are truly interested in receiving messages from your brand. If you cannot invest hundreds of dollars in building a database, use the following tactics.


Host Online Webinars

One of the cheapest and easiest way to gain the email address of prospects is by hosting online seminars and webinars. The registration to these webinars will result in a plethora of email addresses from prospects who are interested. Provide exciting information and details to the customer regarding the content and the purpose of the webinar. Make the topic of the online webinar interesting and tell the readers the type of insight they can expect from the speaker.

Use Pop Up Opt-In forms

Show a push notification whenever a reader lands on your post as it will help you build a strong database. The push notification will come in handy when you run a successful blog and you can easily rope in new customers with the pop up forms. Never use words, which will imply that you are planning to send emails on a frequent basis because readers hate receiving too many emails from a single brand. Use captivating headlines for the push notification to attract prospects. However, remember to clean the mailing list regularly using email address verification.

Make use of the social content

Both Facebook and LinkedIn provides an option of exporting the contacts in the database, which you can later on use to send email communication to the prospects. Since a majority of the readers in your social media platform are aware about your services, sending monthly newsletters will only help improve your reputation.

Whatever may be your method of growing your email list, remember to use email validation.