3 Incentives to Grow your Email List

Everyone today informs about the necessity and usefulness of an email list, but rarely marketers tell how to grow their list. Building 50000 subscribers in a day is a complete myth and you cannot build a strong email list within a day. You need to create strategies and urge people to sign up for your newsletter. Sending messages without the consent of the readers will only result in reaching the spam folder. You need to gather email addresses from legitimate ways, which entails asking the readers to sign up for the newsletter. However, you need to clean the list using email list cleaning software to remove unwanted readers. Offer the following incentives to grow your email list.


Fascinating case study

If your customers enjoy storytelling, case studies are the appropriate incentives for your readers. Case studies entails the success stories and captures the essence about your brand. With case studies, you can connect with significant figures in your niche and make your newsletter a source of inspiration for the readers. When customers connect emotionally with your brand, you make life time customers. However, you need to ensure that the case study is crisp, creative and informative. Furthermore, focus on using email address verifier to clean the email list.

Video courses

Today, videos are the future as it saves a lot of time and helps customers understand a brand in a better way. Create videos specific to your brand to ensure that your readers stay connected. However, remember to send short videos, otherwise the load time will significantly increase. Focus on creating a video that is informative and useful. If you can give the video a pinch of humor, your subscriber’s list will significantly. You can even create short video courses based on the interest of the readers.


Free offers and incentives are the leading way to win the trust of the readers. Anything free, attracts the maximum attention to the readers. Your offers should be incredible and lucrative to reach the target readers.

Focus on using email validation to clean the marketing list.