3 Holiday Email List Cleaning Tactics

If we all take a trip down to the memory lane, we might recall our parents constantly forcing us to tidy the room. And, we didn’t clean the room or tidy up the mess, we probably had to skip Thanks Giving, or we would not receive the desired gifts during the Christmas. None of us wanted to come on the naughty list and miss the most precious time of the year – holiday season. Similarly, you need to clean your list using batch email verification to remain in the good books of your customer. You might not want to land on the naughty list, which is the ISP blacklist in this case. Therefore, this holiday season pledge to give top most priority to list validation and connect with a customer who wants to hear from your brand.

3 Holiday Email List Cleaning Tactics Using  Batch Email Verification

Here are a few unique ways to ramp up your marketing process and ensure high email deliverability.

1) Utilize your full capacity

Increasing the customer base is a goal of a marketing campaign, but increasing the send frequency and volume to achieve the goal is unnecessary. Your subscribers may be actively responding to the newsletters, and your campaign may be performing above the expectation – still never exempt your business from following the general rules of sending messages. It’s tempting to send high frequency of messages because it attracts higher ROI. But, for the ISPs, you will come across as a notorious spammer for triggering too many emails in a short period. If you still want to increase the send frequency, increase it slowly over the months. And, remove to clean the list regularly using batch email verification.

2)  Give priority to active subscribers

Why do you want to run behind someone who is not even giving your messages a glance? Instead, why not work hard towards customers who actively purchase from your brand? In a lust to acquire more subscribers, a plethora of marketers lose their loyal customers to competitors. The brand at some point or the other loses the charm because they focus only on acquiring customers either by hook or by crook. Another mistake which marketers commit is leaving the marketing list unattended for a long period. As a marketer, you need to understand that email list decays more quickly than your build. Therefore, give importance to customers who are loyal over those who ignore you.

3) Get your list in order

Lastly, you need to remove the inactive and unengaged contacts before the holiday season. An unhealthy mailing list has the potential to jeopardize a business, especially during the crucial business season. However, before removing them, send a ‘We Miss You’ message to win back their trust. If still, they don’t get a response, chuck them from the marketing list. Gear up! The holiday season is just around the corner! Take inspiration and craft beautiful emails to pique the interest of the target audience. It’s your audience, take care of their needs and clean the list once every three months using batch email verification to avoid spam complaints.

Unleash your creativity this holiday season and see the marketing statistics shoot-up!