3 Enduring Ways to Build an Email List

Your opt-in forms are a crux of your inbound marketing efforts and it’s difficult for marketers to spend huge amount on advertisements and SEO to capture the attention of potential readers. Everything else is secondary. Therefore, building an email list is crucial for marketers as it’s the only way to reach the target audience without wasting too much money. You need to clean your list every six months using email list cleaning software to remove inactive customers. Here are three enduring and tested ways to grow your email list.


More opt-in forms in display = More opt-ins

The more opportunities you provide to the customers, the more are your chances of winning their email address. Remember to place the opt-in form at the end of all blog posts, the sidebar of the blog and under the navigation panel. Similarly, place the opt-in form on all your social media accounts for the readers to join your newsletter. The mathematics here is extremely simple, the more number of forms you place, the higher your email list will grow. However, never put too many forms as it will irritate the customer because every now and then the form will pop up. Furthermore, clean the list using email address verifier to stay connected.

More incentives = More opt-ins

In simple words, opt-in is a trade wherein a customer shares a part of their inbox and attention in return for an incentive. Therefore, the incentive you offer should force the reader to avail it immediately. Offer product updates, free access to premium content, discounts, movie tickets and anything you can possible think of. Customer require something of value when they decide to share their email address. Focus on creating irresistible offers to entice the readers to join your mailing list.

Less you ask = More opt-ins

Minimizing the form fields will significantly increase the number of opt-ins. Customers hate to fill too much information while subscribing to your newsletter. Collecting an email address with just the name and email increases the conversion rate by 10%. Therefore, remove the extra fields and ask what is necessary.

Focus on cleaning the list using email validation to keep it clean and free from spam traps.