3 Email Best Practices for Managing your Marketing List

Properly managing and maintaining your email list is critical to your business, yet often overlooked aspect. Once you have grown an authentic list of customers, you need to manage it to ensure the integrity of your email marketing campaign. List management is a necessary practice to reach the target audience. Hard bounces and soft bounces affect the email deliverability and lowers the KPIs of the marketing campaign. Therefore, remove the inactive addresses using email address validation on a regular basis. Here are a few best practices for maintaining your list.


Welcome newsletter

Proper list maintenance starts with the initial subscription and one of the best practices is to send welcome messages as soon as the customer joins the campaign. Thank your readers for joining the newsletter and request them to add your email address in their contact list to avoid the junk and spam folder. You can further remind the customers about the frequency of messages you send to the readers. Furthermore, tell the readers different ways of reaching your brand, if they face any issue. Welcome newsletters are extremely essential to win the trust of the readers. Furthermore, focus on using validate email to clean the marketing list.

Use subscription management

More than 60% of the people leave the marketing campaign siting high frequency as the major reason for leaving their newsletter. Therefore, focus on subscription management to manage the frequency of messages and the type of content every customer wants to receive. Furthermore, subscription management allows your brand to maintain the CANSPAM and you avoid losing contact with the subscribers. Focus on subscription management to cater to the needs of your target audience.

Perform proper list hygiene

Email list needs proper hygiene and is crucial to your ongoing email marketing success. According to a research, more than 25% of your email list decays every year. You need to purge invalid and old emails to connect with the loyal customers.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Making unsubscribing is essential for your business because people who don’t wish to receive information from your end are likely to filter the messages as junk. It’s better in the long run to lose an uninterested contact than having them constantly ignore your messages.

Focus on using email validation on a regular basis.