3 Effective Ways to Boost your Email List

If your email marketing and list going stale? If you’re among marketers who are constantly bothered about spam complaint rates and high unsubscribe rate, you need to boost your email list and remove all the unwanted readers. Your email list is the best available asset as it helps you reach the target audience. However, if it’s plagued with incorrect email addresses, your messages will land in the spam folder. Clean the email list using email verifier to remove inactive and incorrect emails. Maintaining a hygienic marketing list is an asset and you can drive both sales and traffic to your website.  Here are a few ways of boosting your list.

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Ask whether the readers want your emails

Sending emails without permission is no longer useful because the preferences of your subscriber changes with changing time and technology. Your emails which were relevant in the past, may not be relevant and useful. It’s definitely not your fault, but you need to maintain a hygienic mailing list. An email list comprising of dead subscribers will give you a skewed picture of your email marketing success. Therefore, ask your subscribers whether they wish to remain as a part of your marketing campaign or not. Send such emails yearly or six-monthly to ensure you’re connecting with the target audience. However, remember to clean the list using email address validation on a regular basis.

Provide an option to opt out

You need to give your subscribers option to remove themselves from a certain type of promotional email message – but still remain in your email list. Providing such an option will help you connect and win the trust of your readers. Many customers hate receiving a particular type of email and if they manage to unsubscribe from it alone, they willingly agree to receive your newsletters. Therefore, provide the readers with an option to stay connected according to their choice.

Email whenever necessary

Email frequency is considered as one of the major reasons for a customer leaving the marketing campaign. But, you can email the readers whenever necessary, if you send relevant content, readers are likely to read your messages without worrying about the sending frequency.

Focus on using email validation to reach the target audience.