3 Cool Techniques to Find New Email Addresses – Email Validation Services

Today, marketers are using email to communicate with the audience in every possible way. From sending customized offers to launching products – email has become an integral part of the marketing campaign. While Facebook and other social media channels can be effective, employing a list building strategy will initiate and accelerate the conversion funnel. Finding new contacts and urging the customers to sign-up for the email newsletter has become a daunting task. Fortunately, there are other faster ways to find new email addresses. However, remember to validate the address using email validation services.

3 Cool Techniques to Find New Email Addresses – Email Validation Services

1) New leads from an existing marketing list

Once a while, send an email promoting the readers to share your email with their friends, colleagues and family members – in exchange for a discount or offer. Encourage the customers to become your brand ambassador and do some free marketing for your brand. If a reader finds your newsletter worthy enough, they will share it with everyone. Therefore, the key here is to create compelling, interesting and attractive messages to win the trust of the readers. Furthermore, insert a text-based link in the message to ‘Share with friends and family members.’ A simple text-based link or a social media sharing button is likely to turn things in your favor without you spending additional manual hours. However, use email validation services, to maintain list hygiene.

2) Social media

Integrating email with social media has become a necessity. A Twitter or a Facebook campaign promoting your offers and discounts is likely to garner quality leads. Additionally, gated discounts on Facebook, requiring a customer to share their email address will further help in building your email list.  A simple sign-up form on your Facebook business page will pull customers who want to receive information about your services and products. Pinterest can be used to create visually attractive boards featuring the products or offers that require an email signup to access. Social media is a powerful tool to reach an untapped audience. Leverage its power and integrate it with email marketing to increase your customer database.

3) Pop-up forms

When done correctly, pop-up forms are a great way to connect with the target audience. Still, many marketers miss out on the opportunity and end-up losing potential customers. A word of caution, though pop-ups are great for list building, using a pop-up that blocks the entire page will adversely affect the customer experience. Apart from losing customers, Google will penalize your brand for locking the entire webpage to gain an email address. Smaller pop-up boxes appearing at the center can do the trick. Include catchy and compelling content with a powerful CTA. It tells the customers why they sign-up and what they can expect from your brand.

Focusing both on building and replenishing the marketing list to ensure you acquire valid email addresses. Taking your email list from multiple angles will help you build the list at a faster pace. However, whatever customer acquisition technique you use, regularly clean the email list using email validation services to hear from loyal customers.