3 Actionable List Building Strategies

Imagine if you make a simple change in your website and you see an instant boost in the number of email subscribers. Well, it will be your lucky day as you can generate business from these leads. However, how frequently are you able to strike such a tuning with the subscribers? Building a strong email list is a prime requisite when it comes to email marketing because without the email addresses of the subscribers, reaching their inbox is impossible. You need to focus on following three actionable list building strategies. However, clean the list using email verifier on a regular basis.

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Turn your LinkedIn group into list building

You can focus on building a strong list using the untapped power of LinkedIn. Today, many customers are using LinkedIn to share their view and connect with industry experts. It’s a great platform to find customers with similar background and interests. Create a LinkedIn company page to attract the target audience and share your sign up form, so that the readers can join your newsletter. Provide exclusive content access to people who confirm their email address. Using this platform, you can definitely build a strong and authentic email list. However, focus on removing the incorrect and invalid email addresses using email address validation.

Use content upgrade

A content upgrade is a bonus content that is provided in return of the email address of the customers. These content upgrades are unique they are specific to the content a user is already reading. If you offer a valuable content upgrade, you can definitely increase your subscribers list at a fast rate. The additional content upgrade you offer should either enhance or be an extension of the previous blog post. You always need not write fresh content to attract the readers, you can present the same blog post in different formats and manner.

Include a strong call to action

Without a strong call-to-action, your messages will never provide the desired results. You need to clearly define what you expect from your readers.

Use email validation on a regular basis to scrub the mailing list.