2016 Email Validation Trends

Within a few hours the clock will strike 12 and the calendar will change to the next year. Do you need to change your email marketing strategies? Or will the old trends will continue to capture the attention of the potential customers. Many marketers anticipate new trends will capture 2016, while others think that grooming the old trends will work for a successful marketing campaign. Email validation will play a significant role in deciding whether the marketing campaign is a success or a failure. The work and the business will undoubtedly get advanced and creative. You need to be prepared for the upcoming changes, if you want to keep your readers happy.


Use Lightbox for growing the email list

Have you ever come across a pop-up message while you were reading something really useful on the internet? Well, the pop-up box is called the lightbox and is trending among email marketers because it helps in growing the marketing list at a 5 times faster pace than the traditional methods. In the year 2015, this was trending and it will continue to capture the attention of both the readers and marketers. You can trigger the lightbox when the customer is still reading the article as the customer at that point of time will have high regards for your content and will not mind signing up for the newsletter. You can even trigger the pop-up when the customer is done reading and preparing to move towards the browser. The exit overlay style will prevent from interrupting the session of the reader. However, remember to clean the mailing using email address verification to avoid spam complaints in the near future.

Use email verifier to clean the email list

The future of spam complaints is unpredictable because it depends upon the type and quality of content you trigger to the target audience. High quality content will attract low spam complaints and will be beneficial for your brand. Therefore, remember to regularly scrub the mailing list using email verifier to remove unwanted and dormant email addresses. The use of email verifier will only grow in the upcoming year.