10 Awesome but Easy Ways to Build your Email List – Part II

Your email marketing database degrades by almost 22% per year. Your contact’s email address move from one company to another, abandon their AOL and opt-out of the newsletter. As a marketer, you need to constantly add fresh content to your email list. However, your work doesn’t end with just building a huge list, you need to maintain and clean it using email address validation on a regular basis. In the previous post, you read about three ways of attracting readers, read on to explore three more ways.

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Using an opt-in campaign to reactivate the stale list

Do you have an older list that has decayed over time? You can reactivate this email list by sending engaging opt-in message. You need to remove all contacts who don’t respond to your reactivation campaign. Removing customers from your list might seem unattractive because of fear of losing potential customers. But, it’s the only way to improve your email deliverability and increase the odds of getting your email messages shared. However, remember to clean the marketing list using email verifier after you have successfully sent the reactivation campaign.

Attract the website visitors

If a visitor has scanned your whole website and still not shared their email address, it’s a matter of concern. You need to set a lightbox to appear every time a customer is about to navigate from the website. Attracting these visitors is essential because they have spent quality time on your website and are looking for something in particular. Focus on attracting these readers to build an authentic email list.

Leverage the YouTube channel of your company

Today, YouTube is a great way to win the trust of your target readers because videos captivate the attention easily. You need to add a call-to-action and URLs in all your videos to encourage subscription. You can also include links to relevant landing pages in the description of the video to encourage the readers to sign up.

Focus on using email validation, irrespective of the customer acquisition method.