10 Awesome but Easy Ways to Build your Email List – Part I

Email marketing is a high impact and low cost way of sending the messages across to the target audience. And, it can only be done with a strong email marketing list. Building a strong email list is definitely not an easy task as it requires efforts because customers simply don’t share their email address. If your list is small, low on information and full of errors, it is worse than having no email list. Without a strong and clean email list building a successful email marketing campaign is extremely difficult. Focus on using email address validation on a regular basis to reach the target audience. Here are a few easy ways to build your email list.

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Leverage the power of business cards

When you meet people during networking events or seminars, ask for their business cards. Most of the business cards today have the email address of the person. This is a great way to build a strong marketing list. You can place a glass bowl and collect the business cards of your prospects. However, offer some incentives such as a free product or free service for sharing their business card. You can even use your own business card and add an offer on the back of your card that encourages people to sign for your newsletter. However, scrub the list regularly using verify email to remove inactive and dormant readers.

Use telemarketing

Throughout the day, you and your employees probably speak to hundreds of customers. Before you keep the phone, you can ask the customers whether they want to join your marketing list or not. Provide them with the benefits of enrolling and exclusive offers, which are available only to readers who have subscribed. This way the customers are more likely to join your email marketing campaign.

Use your blog

Your blog is a great way to build trust and personal relationship with the readers and a great way to collect their email addresses. You can end your blogs with a call-to-action that encourages the readers to sign for your newsletter.

Whatever may be the method of acquiring customers, focus on using email validation on a regular basis.