Three Levels of Email List Hygiene

Email list hygiene is not only limited to removing the inactive and dormant customers from the database. It runs a lot deeper than many marketers even may realize. Maintaining list hygiene is of prime importance because a customer receives a plethora of email messages on a regular basis, making it impossible for the reader to give attention to every message landing in their inbox. Therefore, it’s completely useless to waste time and money by sending messages to someone who is not interested. Hence, clean the marketing list on a regular basis using email address verification. Here are the three levels of email list hygiene.


Level 1

The first level of email list hygiene corresponds to email addresses with a valid domain name and corresponds to actual working email addresses. These email addresses are deliverable, but the recipients are wrong. Often because of keystroke agencies, these errors are likely. For example, the person’s name is James Williams ([email protected]) and the person enters the email address as ([email protected]), while both the addresses are deliverable, the second one is not the intended recipient. You end up losing a genuine customer, which otherwise could have become a potential long term client.

Level 2

Many email addresses belong to a function instead of individual people like [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] People use it to sign up, but you can never interact with such customers. These customers are only looking for freebies, giveaways and download- but are least interested in your messages. And, once they receive such a freebie, they completely disappear, resulting in hard bounce, which affects the overall deliverability rate. Sending mails to junk addresses kills your metrics and is a complete waste of time. Remember to clean the list using email validation to improve the marketing statics.

Level 3

The third level corresponds to deliverable yet potentially dangerous email addresses. These email addresses come into the mailing list when you buy or rent a marketing list. Sending content to valid, but unsubscribed customers are also a potential threat to your business. Use email verifier on a regular basis to remove such  harmful customers.