Poor Email Practices Costly for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are losing out on potential customers and thousands of dollars because of extremely poor email practices. Even today, email remains as the dominant fundraising tool for the nonprofits, but marketers are unable to leverage its effectiveness to reach out to potential investors. Email marketing can definitely help you build a loyal customer and support base to keep your nonprofit organization working. Remember to use email verifier to clean the marketing list to engage the readers. However, marketers are still losing out on potential customers and many email practices are costly for nonprofits. Here are a few reasons why certain email practices are costly to the nonprofit organization.


Uncleaned email list

A list comprising of bad and inactive email addresses is dangerous as it invites spam complaints and bounce rates. A nonprofit organization uses many methods of acquiring the email address of the customers and end up with many invalid emails, which affects your email deliverability. You spend money and time to acquire customers, but a bad email address increases the opportunity cost. Therefore, it is essential to scrub the list using email address validation to connect with the target audience. You’ll never benefit from an uncleaned list and you will eventually lose a lot of money.

High sending frequency

Sending frequency decides your relationship with the readers. A high frequency hampers and irritates your customers as they receive too many messages in a short duration of time. And, a subtle frequency determines a long term relationship because a reader receives messages only when the messages are important. Therefore, focus on sending messages according to the convenience of the readers to ensure a profitable nonprofit business.

Irrelevant content

The power of your content can either build your nonprofit business or completely destroy it. Therefore, never send irrelevant and meaningless content. Additionally, duplicate content never reaches the inbox of the readers. A powerful message is likely to attract investors and fund raiser to your nonprofit organization.

Save your nonprofit organization from making loses by using email validation on a regular basis.